This ‘Trigger Warning’ is not for subversive leftists or Marxist psychopaths. It is not for criminal gangs, murderers, thieves, drug dealers or anyone else destroying our culture and heritage. Although, they might want to find out what is stampeding straight at them.

This ‘Trigger Warning’ is for Patriotic Americans. You need to wake the hell up to radical Marxist anarchy raging across America. Don’t think that because you live in the country you are safe. You are not!

This American neoBolshevik revolution is ramping up to be bloodier than the Russian Bolshevik Revolution of 1917. They killed and starved fifty-five million Christian Kulak farmers and ranchers for openers. They were the nation’s food producers.

Marxists want your land.
Marxists want your crops and livestock.
Marxists will kill you and take it.

Marxists will not farm or ranch it. They will take it out of production and starve Americans to death as they did 55 million Russians in 1913.
 Their recent trial run is South Africa White genocide.

America’s overthrow began with waves of feminism and homosexuals that destroyed family values. Then the sudden appearance of BLM. Then came the sudden appearance of AntiFa. The neoBolshevik communist revolutionaries.

Turn off the Jewish propaganda news.
Turn off the race-mixing, homosexual television.

Figure out a solution to weaponized politics.
Figure out a solution to congressional corruption.
Figure out a solution to the Marxist indoctrination system called ‘education’.

You are not bullet proof…
but neither are they…