Legal Notice: 

Do Not proceed!
Do Not buy these novels!  

Not unless you agree, that America is under siege. That communist intrigue rages against our civil society from savage biped animals, Marxist media, leftist politicians, subversive academia, their spawn of violent anarchists and those behind them. 

This thriller novel is not for effeminate, hair-on-fire snowflakes, murderous anarchists, diseased faggots, street gang apes and greasers, or any micro-minority piece of crap. They are not important, no one cares what they think, or what they demand… except their Marxist academia and media handlers.
     They are useless parasites on civil society, insane lunatic factions. If not for a corrupt, Marxist media, no one would know they exist. Without Marxist indoctrination academia, they would NOT exist. 
     They demand America’s overthrow. They call for war. They call for destruction of the White race and its centuries old civilizations… the historically superior, most noble nation builders on this planet.
     RogueOps gives you that war, without quarter against those that wage war against a Christian heritage and Constitutional law and order. 
    The Declaration of independence and Constitution defined a new ‘nation’, America. Only a homogenous population defines a ‘Nation’, a people that speak the same language, have a common origin, secured in a geographic area defined by protected borders. 

Media, whether television, movies, newsprint or internet that ‘normalize’ national, social and moral descent are forefront of a violent communist overthrow of America’s founding principles and laws. 

     Is it treason?
     RogueOps says it is. 

That means anti-Christian diseased homosexual movements in all their degenerate modes; leftist extremists in all its homicidal, destructive, delusional forms; and subversive black, Mexican and Muslim factions violently ripping this nation apart without consequence. 

     Is it deliberate sedition?
     RogueOps says it is. 

That means predatory agents of subversive indoctrination that target young minds from kindergarten to university and into the workplace. Those that systematically brainwash America’s future citizens and leaders into new age communists that have no lawful, community or moral compass. 

That means ruthless drug dealers and violent narcotics addicts; homicidal street gang now into the multiple millions and any other form of savage behavior destroying the social fabric of our great nation and its hard working citizens that pay for it all.
     That means anything that disrupts legitimate American commerce or transportation in any manner. 

All of that and more is treason, felony violations of Constitutional Law and Order, the Laws God, Nature, and good old-fashioned common sense. 

The purpose of this website is to sell the RogueOps thriller series. It also offers news and articles on threats raging against America as never before seen in 200+ years of its history. 


Treason RogueOps Series- 
Americans need to read these!

1′   INTERCEPT: RogueOps
2′   ANARCHY: RogueOps
3′   HARDSTRIKE: RogueOps