STOP – Do Not proceed 

The RogueOps Treason series exploits contentious, bullshit agendas boiling up in the neoBolshevik media all day, every day. Marxist agendas that constrian logical continuity of thought and destroy rational achievement of all but the most guarded.      

STOP – Do Not proceed

RogueOps thriller novels are offensive to effeminate snowflakes, treasnous anarchists, diseased faggots, street gangs, radical muslims or any other micro-minority piece of crap that think they can dictate the destruction of America. They are not important, no one cares what they think, or what they demand except their neoBolshevik academia and media handlers.  

They are parasites, a criminal, insane lunatic fringe that demands America’s overthrow. They call for war. They call for destruction of the White race, its centuries old civilization that supports them… the historically superior, most noble nation builders on this planet. Aryans, means ‘noble people’.       

RogueOps gives them that war and kills those that destroy America’s national heritage and Laws that a corrupt Marxist congress will not uphold.

Subversion, Sedition and Treason
A Rogue Government.  

Declaration of Independence and Constitution defined a new ‘nation’, America. Only a kindred population defines a ‘Nation’. A people that speak the same language, have a common origin, defined by a geographic area and border defenses.     

[j]ewish controlled media, television, movies, newsprint or internet that ‘normalize’ national and social depravity wage an ideological and violent neoBolshevik Marxist overthrow of America’s principles and laws.   

The purpose of this website is to sell the RogueOps thriller novels and awaken the White masses to its genocidal extermination. Mortal threats rage against America as never before in 200+ years.  

America, One Nation under God. Or a depraved, perverted multi-Nation under Satan…

The two are irreconcilable.
Only one will win. NO compromise.   


 Treason RogueOps Series

1′ INTERCEPT: RogueOps
2′ ANARCHY: RogueOps
3′ HARDSTRIKE: RogueOps    



Deconstructing Marxist Critical Theory     

For those of you who haven’t been formally introduced to the sociological doomsday weapon of the 20th century, critical theory is an approach to analyzing society not for the purpose of understanding it, but for the purpose of transforming it by undermining its existing institutions.     

The hard work of knowing how and why people do things is unnecessary if your goal is merely to take a sledgehammer to the machinery.    

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Corporate Transnational Pirates On the Run   

President Trump’s new executive order has declared a “national emergency” as a declaration of war against all forms of crime – not just human trafficking and human rights abuses.      

Criminals from Saudi Arabia to Washington, D.C. knew this was coming from the moment Trump was elected.   

The Obama “age of lawlessness” has come to an end and the new sheriff in town is the fastest gunslinger (tweet-slinger) around.      

That is why Frederick William “Bill” McNabb III, Eric Schimdt, and the 200+ other top CEOs are resigning their compromised posts and running for cover.   

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Islamic Village In Texas
Ties To Terror Group In Pakistan?      

An Islamic village in Texas is reportedly a “jihadist enclave” and was investigated for possible links to terrorism by the FBI. Ryan Mauro, the journalist who broke the national security story, discussed the information released in FBI declassified during a Fox News interview this morning.    

According to Mauro’s research, the Texas Islamic village is operated by the Muslims of the Americas group. The organization has reportedly been linked to Jamaat ul-Fuqra, a radical militant group in Pakistan.   

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