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personal happiness essay Four days southwest of Cuba

sample three paragraph essay Atlantic Storm and argumentative essay on technology Pacific Thunder, scarcely more than a hundred yards between gunwales, made careful passage into the northwest region of Golfo de Mosquito. Winds were below twenty knots and the morning sun rose off their port sterns as both maxi-cruisers sailed through the heat and chowder-thick humidity of the gulf.

Both crew’s nerves were wired on a razor’s edge. The mere snap of a jib or glimpse of a diving gull was cause enough to grip their M16s tighter as they neared Tikanada Bay on the northwest remotes of Venezuela. The eminent domain of Major Juan Darriego. catch me if you can essay Atlantic Storm’s crew drank their morning coffee and listening to assorted military and civilian radio transmissions. Rico stopped flipping the radio dial, listened for a few moments, and turned the volume up. “Hey everybody, get a load of this. I remember hearing this guy the last time we came through.”

Howdy, gang. Bob Bengal here for all you GIs out there putting your life on the line for those Liberal sucks back home enjoying their prized freedom. As it is, a strong signal is ringing loud around the globe. A signal telling anti-Americans that the AIPAC controlled United States Congress no longer has the conviction to stand up and protect its national interests. Not even third-rate, third world thugs have respect for the US. And if you think not, I give you Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Lebanon, Libya … all of those rag-head Muslim fucks. The most troublesome of all …that fucking weasel outfit that owes us billions, that anti-American United Nations.

“All, of them, every last one, feel confident to flip-off the U.S., do as they damned well please, and at the expense of the American tax-payer paying the bill. And while we’re talking, has anyone ever wondered how it is that Israeli some few years ago was caught stealing U.S. Top Secret technology and the media did not report one word? Recently, they caught Israel selling High-tech US military weapons and computer guidance systems to Communist China and not a peep from the media or our so-called government elites.

Something is amiss here, gang.

Rico pounded the table. “Kick ass, Bengal. Tell it the way it is. Tell those faggots to—”

Hawke cut him off. “Put a lid on it, Rico. I want to hear this.”

“This all announces to the world that the United States is so weakened by the subversive Leftist assault of the mass-media that the US citizenry now fails to take decisive action in protecting even its own borders. I hear ya out there, I hear ya asking, what mass media? Well gang, and it’s no secret from those who search out the truth, but the corrupt and treasonous MSM, all of them and every major news magazine and newspaper is owned or controlled by anti-Christian anti-Americans. That’s right, a fraction of 1% of America’s population, own every media platform in the nation. The statistics of that happening, by chance, is 1 in 50,000,000,000. That is one in fifty billion, my friends. Someone wants control of what you hear, how you hear it, and exactly how you will respond to that media input.

“Hey America! Yeah, I’m talking to all you phony tough guys out there that puff your chests out, act like self-glorified patriots, and then boast: Yeah, when I see them Commi-pinkos at my front door, don’t you worry, I’ll fight.

“The fact is, gang, Communism is at our front door, and they’ve been there long enough to take it clean off its hinges. And what have the so-called Liberals done? Are they standing against Marxist Communist insurgency in a unified American front? Are they unilaterally supporting the means of sustaining America’s National Security and socioeconomic interests? To the contrary!

“Communism is at our borders, my friends! And the Liberal Democrats, the neo-Marxist Socialist factions, are escalating their subversive efforts further to cripple our military superiority in the face of it all.

“You good men and women out there listening already know that Terrorist groups are spreading throughout South and Central America. And at this moment are moving into Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula and beyond!”

Rico slammed his fist on the table again and spilled everyone’s coffee. “Those bastards.”

Hawke raised his brows and glared at Rico. “I’m not going to tell you again, mister!”

Rico grabbed a galley rag and mopped up the mess. “Yes, sir. It just pisses me off.”

“…but hey, gang, forget the damned Marxist Communists for a minute and let’s concentrate on another enemy. The enemy warring against America’s heritage from within, liberalism’s Marxist Socialist ideology, ‘Cultural Marxism’, pluralism, so-called diversity, and a dozen other manufactured names and causes. All their cancerous poisons demanding their right to freedom and opportunity.

Rico blurted. “Freedom of opportunity my ass.”

“Rico! One more time and I’ll bury my foot in your essay analyzer online ass.”

Rico shrugged his shoulders and sat quiet.

…I ask you, what country would waste military and counterintelligence expenditure to launch an offensive against the United States? The cold fact is, none need to because those subversive factions, dividing America against itself, are doing it for them. And if America doesn’t wake up to that eminent danger, anti-American forces will simply walk across our borders and pick up the pieces.”

Rico jumped away from the table and out of Hawke’s grasp and shouted. “Like hell they will.”

Hawke chuckled, shook his head and listened.

“Where is the media, why the blackout on all this? The simple fact is because Germany is seeing a megalithic resurgence of nationalism in the face of uncontrolled immigration destroying that great country. France, Belgium, Great Britain are all suddenly in opposition to communist influences stripping their country dry, as is happening in America. The only difference, Germans have seen it all before, have the guts to do something about it, while lard-assed Americans sit back and watch it all going down the drain expecting that all will turn out okay so long as they have their TV remote a bag of chips a six pack.

“The fact is neither Japan nor Germany has any oil production. None. They depend largely on crude from the Middle East. With nationalism on the rise in Germany, and the United States becoming nothing more than a “police force” operating under the auspices of a “peace keeping” for the United Nation forcing multi-culturalism on a global scale, nationalist states will more and more come under the pressure of the United Nations. Those who don’t succumb to the mandates of this “beast”, are boycotted and subjected to unlawful military blockade. So says the Bible, anyone, speaking to nations, not individuals as the many deceived readily believe, who has not the mark of the beast will neither be able to buy nor sell.

“Who was it that said you can fool all the people some of the time, some of the people all of the time, well, I think you know the rest.

“Anyhow, on the brighter side of that picture, patriots who enjoy an IQ of at least a moldy donut can see the irreparable damage caused to our National Security and are dropping the Liberalist banner like the dead horse that it is.

The truth is that Central America, divided against itself has lost its unified strength. Now, that same ideology working against America, from within our borders wholly manipulates them as well. Where do they go next? Mexico is already drowned in the sweep of that Marxist insurgency with its narcotics cartels.

“And who overthrew Russia? Not a one was a Russian citizen. So why did we, America, align with the biggest butchers in all history, Josef Stalin and his Soviet State, to crush the only nation fighting the tyranny of communism? The answer is obvious; the same forces control America.

“Don’t miss tomorrow, gang. I’ll be talking to you about where all the money come from to finance the so-called Russian Bolshevik Revolution, WW-I, WW-II, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan all the wars sending America’s best to the never ending slaughter houses. If you don’t already know, when you find out who is still paying the compounded billions upon billions of dollars in interest on the loans to fight those, you’ll be screaming, but not at me. This is Bob Bengal and Commi crunching CWNR Radio saying, Hang in there, gang.”

Hawke left the crew to finish their coffee, settled into the overstuffed chair at the NavStation console, and monitored the radar screens as keenly as a hungry hawk scanning the vacant banks of a Kansas farmer’s hillside for prairie dogs. He well knew that Venezuela’s coastal waters were teaming with renegade gunboats having a heyday pirating anything that fell into their grasp. And he knew that Americans, especially on yachts like his, attracted them like barn flies to a pile of steaming horse shit.

Hawke shrugged off the thoughts, contemplated the deathly calm on the gulf and picked up the mic. “ essay on bird Pacific Thunder, this is media essay introduction Atlantic Storm. Make a copy.”

“This is what is the definition of an essay Pacific Thunder. What’s up?”

“Take a side-air five.” across the barricades essay Pacific Thunder going to a side-air five, go ahead.”

Hawke kept his gaze on the empty radar screens and listened to the silence around him. “Something’s different here. I’ve got a weird feeling.”

Bogi looked across the empty horizon in a slow, 360 degree pan. “Yeah, I know what you mean.”

Hawke continued. “Can’t put my finger on it. It’s the quiet, maybe. I don’t know.”

“Yeah. Must be the quiet.”

As the morning drew on, both crews felt a strange emptiness and vulnerability to something they knew not. Experience told them that traffic to and from the Canal Zone should be filling their radar screens with blips like snowflakes leading a blizzard. But there was none of the free-flowing traffic they remembered beyond the usual military and large commercial vessels.

“Hey, Bogi. Arianna’s coming up the companionway with some hot coffee and—” Hawke chuckled. “And some moldy donuts. I’ll catch ya later.”

Bogi hung his mic on the clip, wrinkled his brow and thought to himself. “Moldy donuts?”

Arianna greeted Hawke with a smile. “Morning, honey.”

Hawke smiled back. “Morning, dear. Did you sleep well?”

Arianna handed him one of the coffees, leaned forward and gave him a kiss. “Yeah, I slept okay. Who were you talking to?”

“Just shooting the breeze with Bogi over there.”

Arianna set her coffee down, stretched her arms high, let out a girlish squeal, and shook off the morning drowse. She then arched her chest forward and her T-shirt pulled tight against her full breasts. Hawke was taking a gulp of his coffee, lurched forward, and spilled half the cup to the deck. “Damnit. Don’t do that when a guy’s drinking hot coffee.”

“Don’t do what?” Arianna asked innocently.

“Stretch your T-shirt tight like that. I burned the shit out of my mouth.”

Arianna reached over and gave him a hot kiss. “You silly boy.”

“Silly, my ass. Those things can be dangerous if ya don’t watch where you’re pointing them.”

“Here, let me make it feel better.” Arianna took hold of her T-shirt, pulled it up and exposed her firm breasts. Hawke couldn’t resist temptation and thrust his face square between her rosy-tan mounds of heaven.

“Ahem. Excuse me, folks.”

“Rico!” Arianna squealed with a start.

A sly grin spread across Rico’s face in feigned disgust. “If you two don’t mind, why don’t you finish that shit in your stateroom? Some of us aboard this crate are horny bachelors, in case you forgot.”

Arianna quickly pulled her T-shirt down and Hawke sat back in the pilot chair attempting to regain composure. “How long have you been standing there, Rico?”

“Long enough to see you bury your face, you dog.”

“Sorry, Rico. It just happened. No excuses.”

Rico took full advantage of the situation. “Like I said, ya got some very horny guys in your crew here. Keep that shit up and ya just might have a mutiny on your hands.”

“It’s my fault, Rico. Your captain had nothing to do with it.” Arianna offered in Hawke’s defense.

“Yeah, I could see that. The poor guy didn’t have a chance. Fighting like a son-of-a-bitch trying to get away.”

“That’s enough, Rico. I thought you left. What do you want?”

“Well, sir. It’s about these three boats that just blasting over the radar horizon. They’re headed our way, and fast. As big and fast as they are, they might be renegade bandits.”

“How big is big, Rico?”

“Well, sir. TajTel analysis of radar reflection density indicates they are a minimum of eighty feet. Reflection density and distance also indicates their hulls are wood structure.”

Hawke swiveled his chair and looked at the fast moving blips on his screen. “If they are made of wood, they’re not military. But they sure as hell could be hostile pirates. Possibly some more in Sammada’s chain.” essay on disability Atlantic Storm and college application essay samples Pacific Thunder prepared for the worst and secured the DuPont Kevlar over their freeboards and a held course toward a point five miles south of Tikanada Bay. Some few miles off, the center boat held a direct course while the other two veered off and positioned themselves to either side of essay on tipu sultan Atlantic Storm and esl opinion essay topics Pacific Thunder.

Hawke shook his head in disgust, looked toward the top of informal essay outline Atlantic Storm’s towering mast, and imagined some flag up there inviting every jackass on the high seas to come and mess with his life. Hawke shook the thoughts off and raised the mic to his mouth. “ umbrella essay Pacific Thunder, this is scholarship essay sample about why i deserve the Atlantic Storm. Copy on a side seven.”

“This is animal farm essay topic Pacific Thunder

“Looks like the last act of this fucking show isn’t over yet, Bogi.”

Hawke kept his eyes on the radar screen. “Looks like the flankers are closing back in, converging on us. Wonder what—”

Just then the outside flanker lobbed a mortar shell to the east of distance education essay writing Atlantic Storm that hit a hundred yards off the port rail.

“Those bastards are shooting at us! Shit. Here comes another one!”

A second shell hit near the first and blasted a column of water high into the air. Then came another, and another, all exploding near the first.

“Arming and raising TajTel defense system.” Bogi squawked.

“Negative on TajTel arming.”

“Why the hell not? The bastards are shooting at us!”

“If they were trying to hit us, they’d have lobbed the last three shells in a closer trajectory, but they didn’t.”

“What the hell are they doing, then?”

“It looks like they’re trying to head us west. Just be cool, Bogi. Maintain a parallel course to any heading I make. Ya got that?”

“Roger that. Securing parallel course.”

“Just in case the worst happens, we better open a channel to international air frequency. Stand-by on scrambled air 1.” Hawke squawked.

“Roger that. Channel open to international air frequency. Recording systems activated and standing by on scrambled air 1.”

Five anxious minutes passed and then four more shells whistled overhead and exploded some two hundred yards off to kill a mockingbird essay outline Atlantic Storm’s port bow.

“What the hell’s going on?” Bogi squawked.

“What the hell’s it look like? They’re trying to divert our course. Just be cool, will ya?”

“Be cool? Are you serious? Those are real shells exploding out there!”

“I said be cool, mister. That’s an order.”

“Yes, sir. Maintaining coolness.”

police academy essay Atlantic Storm and Pacific Thunder continued course while the gun-boats closed their distance to less than five hundred yards. The port flanker moved to just forward of Atlantic Storm and the starboard flanker positioned to the stern of Pacific Thunder, forcing them toward Tikanada Bay some 15 miles off.

Just then a shrieking siren pierced the humid air and the center vessel made full throttle toward them. Soon, a loud-speaker voice cut through the air and ordered them to heave to.

“This is Major Darriego. By the authority of the government I order you to power off and prepare to be boarded.”

“I repeat. Power off and prepare to be boarded.”

Major Darriego’s name flashed through Hawke’s mind like a searing iron as he recalled Magus Sammada sitting in the line chair on Atlantic Storm’s aft deck. Hawke grit his teeth and depressed the mic button. “OK, Bogi. Do as he says and drop sails, but keep your engines running. Activate TajTel Defense tracking and engage your bow thrusters for maneuvering sequences.”

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