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LW Hawke left home in 1965, soon joined the US Navy, volunteered for Vietnam, passed with atypical test scores and qualified for UDT. Great so far… until he crushed those ambitions in a near fatal car wreck. His 1967 SS-396 Chevelle left the road at 0200 hours along Idaho Hwy 20 and went over a ninety-foot drop off into jagged lava at Craters of the Moon National Park. Hawke, his 2 brothers and a friend survived, climbed 90 feet up to the road on their own. Two sat in front, and two in back of an old farmer’s pickup loaded with sheep. Said he saw smoke, in the dark of night?, and stopped. Why is a mystery and so is the old sheep herder. Despite taking them to the hospital and filing out reports with State Police, Hawke tried to contact him. There was no record of him, none.
     The Idaho Statesman the next day had a front-page story and photos. The hood was three feet long; pieces of shattered engine and transmission in the front seat, and tires shredded off all four chrome wheels that looked like wadded up tinfoil. No broken skin, no blood anywhere yet all the glass was shattered.
     Guardian angels watched over that crash that night.

Regardless, a broken neck forced Hawke’s medical discharge from the US Navy. After eight months in a body cast, the neck healed and he could return to service. But no so fast… Hawke wrecked again, this time going 85+ mph skiing in Sun Valley Idaho following an International Team downhill race. After major knee surgery, no military branch would take him and he could not return to his lifelong ambition of a military career. 

Still determined, he set off into the world and found out quick that undisciplined civilians were a different breed from the strict and principled military life that he knew. Now a civilian himself, and not able to return to any military base, he took the next best thing… working on the family’s million acre cattle ranches as a cowboy, wrangler, running teams, and designing large alfalfa hay operations. He also designed breakthrough, innovative irrigations systems, one of which went on display at the Montana State Fair, Bozeman Montana.
     LW Hawke became a successful AG land developer.


Thriller writer LW Hawke, grew up on USAF military bases in the ‘Lions Grip’ under intelligence lock-and-key. His father, the ‘Old Man’ was a frontline paratrooper pilot in WWII. In Korea he made an emergency landing to pick up stranded troops while taking on enemy fire. With the starboard engine in flames they cleared the ridgeline clipping treetops, crossed the DMZ and landed with no casualties other than the wounded he picked up and his shot up C-47. 

He flew nuclear bomber B-47s during the Cold War. His high clearance Intelligence background also landed him a slot with the National Reconnaissance Office, NRO B-47s that flew espionage missions over the Soviet Union. He was an Intel advisor for the old school CIA, Office of Naval Intelligence ONI and undisclosed USAF NASA projects. He served as one of five on General Westmoreland’s immediate staff heading aerial recon in Vietnam.
       He retired from the Pentagon. LW Hawke never knew what he did there as the ‘Old Man’ took that with him on his last flight into the wild blue yonder. 

The product of curiosity and a genius IQ, he watched, listened and learned from everything that crossed his path, especially from the ‘Old Man’ and his men. If civilian Intelligence analysts exist, LW Hawke and others like him would fit the bill. 

Today he does Tactical Intelligence; Criminal Investigations; Threat Analysis and Assets Protection. He explores Western mountain towns, Wild river valleys, and writes about what he loves most… the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave. 


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