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LW Hawke grew up on USAF military bases in the ‘Lions Grip’ under intelligence lock-and-key. His father, the ‘Old Man’ was a frontline paratrooper pilot during WWII.
     In Korea, he made an emergency landing to pick up stranded troops while taking on enemy fire. With the starboard engine in flames, he cleared the ridgeline clipping treetops, crossed the DMZ and landed with the wounded in his shot up C-47. Some would live to fight another day.
     He flew USAF B-47 nuclear jet bombers during the Cold War. His Intelligence background also landed him a slot with the National Reconnaissance Office, retrofitted NRO B-47s that flew espionage missions over the Soviet Union. Both versions were the latest military secret weapons. The highest tech, highest-flying, fastest aircraft on the planet.
     He was an Intel advisor for the old school CIA, Office of Naval Intelligence ONI and undisclosed USAF NASA projects. He served as one of five on General Westmoreland’s immediate staff heading aerial recon in Vietnam. He retired from the Pentagon.

The product of curiosity and a genius IQ, Hawke watched, listened, analyzed and learned, especially from the ‘Old Man’ and his men. If civilian Intelligence analysts exist, Hawke and others like him fit the bill.
     Seeing America turn upside down far too fast, Hawke turned to his upbringing. Tactical Intelligence; Criminal Investigations; Threat Analysis and Assets Protection. He knew there must be powerful reasons why America suddenly went radically wrong and headed for destruction. He found many disturbing answers. His RogueOps novels offer deadly solutions.
     Today he lives in Sun Valley, Idaho, explores Western mountain towns, Wild river valleys, and writes about what he loves most. 

     The Land of the Free and Home of the Brave.

Nothing has more power than the ability to investigate systematically and truly all that comes under your observations in life. —Marcus Aurelius 


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