Treason RogueOps is a fast-moving thriller that thrusts you inside violent criminal operations waging war against America.

Nothing is flat about RogueOps.  

You are overwhelmed, surrounded by dynamic characters in a story that paints vivid, action packed mental pictures.

Treason RogueOps assaults your senses and keeps you bolted to your seat as it wages tactical warfare against foreign and domestic enemies destroying the United States of America. 

President Alistair Scott tasked RogueOps to spearhead lethal strikes against all enemy targets before White Anglo America collapses into destruction. 

Lachlan Hawke, the lead character, earned his stripes from SAS Special Air Service and a Navy SEALs commander. He is a hard liner with an old school mindset of traditional Anglo American Identity values.  

He understands the need for restoring Constitutional Law and Order and gives no quarter to those harming what he loves most: America and its lawful citizens under violent and ideological Marxist attack.

Treason is not negotiable for his RogueOps teams that send shock waves of death and destruction throughout the globalist enclaves of America’s enemies.
     ‘Kill the enemy, kill them all.’  

RogueOps is a private SpecOps group, a high tech operation of ex British SAS and Navy SEALs that enforce law and order where there is none; true vigilante justice. This yachting adventure is a thriller based on those SpecOps teams on the sea, in jungles, on land, and airborne all directed by the highest levels of TajTel SatLinks. 


You hear them breathe
You feel their rage and conviction
You are part of the RogueOps team 


TREASON Rogueops Series
True Americans need to read this  


1′ TREASON: RogueOps
2′ INTERCEPT: RogueOps
3′ HardStrike: RogueOps 




RogueOps is an electrifying, high-tech leap into the killing fields of violent international crime destroying America. It crackles with blitzkrieg action from Switzerland to South America, to Mexico and into the United States.
       …LW Hawke is blunt, powerful.

Better than any NYT #1 Thriller I have read in 25 years!

 —Vicki Anne, Idaho


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