Treason RogueOps Series-

Fast action SpecOps thrillers that target guerrilla insurgents, radical anarchists, subversive traitors …and kills them. 

Nothing is flat about RogueOps.

Surrounded by dynamic characters, this story paints action packed mental pictures you won’t soon forget.  

President Alistair Scott and RogueOps spearhead lethal strikes against nationwide targets before White Anglo America collapses into Marxist anarchy.  

RogueOps assaults your senses. It keeps you bolted to your seat while it wages tactical warfare against foreign enemies and domestic traitors. Their forces collapse, lives snuffed out in blitzkrieg strikes from Switzerland to Argentina to the USA.  

Lachlan Hawke earned his stripes from SAS Special Air Service and Navy SEALs. A hard liner, an old school mindset, traditional Anglo American Identity.  

His SpecOps teams enforce the Constitution, U.S. Criminal Codes, restore law and order, and gives no quarter to those that attack America’s lawful citizens under siege from Marxist insurrection.
     A Marxist media becomes clear, your views change, you see the political and academia plots, their AntiFa and BLM creations, CAIR and its militant allies.  

Treason is not negotiable for Hawke’s RogueOps teams. They send shock waves of death and wreckage throughout hostile globalist enclaves.
     Failure is not an option.
     Hawke’s orders are simple.
     Find them. Kill them all.   

RogueOps are covert, high tech crusaders, private military SpecOps that enforce law and order where there is none; a return to Old West vigilante justice.   

This yachting adventure is a fast thriller based on those SpecOps teams airborne, on the sea, in jungles, cities and mountains. They target Intel from the highest levels of IOSX TajTel SatLinks tagged into U.S. Intelligence agencies.   

     You hear them breathe
     You feel their conviction
     You are part of RogueOps


Treason RogueOps Series-


1′   INTERCEPT: RogueOps
2′   ANARCHY: RogueOps
3′   HARDSTRIKE: RogueOps



RogueOps is an electrifying, high-tech leap into the killing fields of violent international intrigue destroying America. It crackles with blitzkrieg action from Switzerland to South America, to Mexico and into the United States.
       …LW Hawke is blunt, powerful.

Better than any NYT #1 Thriller I have read in 25 years! 

 —Vicki Anne, Idaho


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