RogueOps Novels


RogueOps Novels are fast action SpecOps thrillers. RogueOps Novels target criminal gangs, radical anarchists, subversive traitors and hunts them down.

People can’t put down RogueOps Novels.

RogueOps surrounds you with dynamic characters that paint action packed mental pictures you can’t forget.

White Anglo America is collapsing into a cesspool of third world invaders and Marxist anarchy. RogueOps storm America’s enemies with lethal force. 

Tactical warfare screams across every page. Snipers from Switzerland rampage through Paraguay, Mexico and into the United States. RogueOps Novels assault your senses and keep you bolted to your seat. 

RogueOps enforce the U.S. Constitution and U.S. Criminal Codes. They give no escape to those that attack Americans under siege from neoBolshevik insurrection. 

Their media becomes clear. You see their political and academia subversion. You see their BLM and AntiFa creations for what they are. Frontline revolutionary anarchists. They call for war, RogueOps sends them shock waves of death and destruction. 

RogueOps Novels are a covert, private military SpecOps contractors that ececute law and order where there is none. 

You hear them breathe.
You feel their conviction.
You become part of RogueOps.  





RogueOps Novels are electrifying.
They are a high-tech leap into the killing fields of
 international intrigue destroying America. Blitzkrieg action crackles from Switzerland to South America, into Mexico and the United States.

…LW Hawke is blunt, powerful!